Sexual Health & Intimacy Psychological Services


Our practitioners are registered psychologist who provide treatment related to sex and intimacy in the following areas:

·      Understanding sexual consent

·      Understanding sexual pleasure

·      LGBTIQA+ support

·      Kink-friendly friendly support

·      Poly-friendly support

·      Building intimacy

·      Managing/overcoming sexual pain

·      Managing/overcoming sexual anxiety

·      Erectile difficulties

·      Sexual trauma

·      Building satisfying relationships

·      Understanding pornography use

Our treatment is persinalised and innovative incorporates evidence based therapeutic-styles, findings sex specific research.

Each session is 50 minutes.

Treatment is available face-to-face over the phone or Ckype.

Workshops provide a safe and supportive space for important conversations in your organisation or community.

Half day or full day workshops can include 5-30 people. Participants have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding through interactive exercises, powerpoint presentations and facilitated group discussions.

We can design a workshops specifically for your needs. Alternatively, you can select from the following topics:

  • Understanding sexual consent

  • Talking about pleasure

  • Supporting sexual assault victim/survivors

  • Understanding pornography use