Sexual Health & Intimacy Psychological Services


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Our treatment is personalised and innovative, incorporating the findings of sex research with evidence-based therapeutic styles.

Our practitioners are registered psychologists who provide treatment face-to-face over the phone or Skype in the following areas:

  • Depression, Anxiety and other mental heath issues that relate to sex and intimacy

  • Managing/overcoming sexual pain (vulvodynia & vaginismus)

  • Managing/overcoming sexual anxiety

  • Managing/overcoming sexual addictions

  • Understanding pornography use/addiction

  • Managing/overcoming erectile difficulties

  • Managing/overcoming orgasm difficulties

  • Healing sexual trauma

  • Support for STI diagnosis

  • Support for sexual assault survivors

  • LGBTIQA+ support

  • Kink-friendly friendly support

  • Poly-friendly/non monogamy support

  • Sex work support

  • Building intimacy in relationships

  • Building satisfying relationships

  • Understanding sexual consent

  • Understanding sexual pleasure